Nissan’s UK plant goes to 24-hour production image

UK’s largest auto factory will start full round-the-clock production for the first time, underpinning the recent surge in health of the country’s automotive industry.

Nissan’s manufacturing facility in Sunderland, which churns out the production line at least 500,000 vehicles a year is also set to fill in additionally at least 400 jobs for an additional shift starting work early next year, allowing it to run 24 hours a day.

“The addition of this third shift on Line 2 and 24-hour production across all Nissan’s operations at Sunderland is a major milestone, not only for our plant but for the UK car industry,” said Kevin Fitzpatrick, Nissan vice-president for manufacturing in the UK.

The factory, which will have a workforce larger than 6,500 people thanks to the new shift has become a crucial European hub for the Japanese carmaker and also a model to follow for British politicians that seek to attract more foreign manufacturers to set up factories in Great Britain.

Nissan says that UK’s expertise in manufacturing and its skilled engineering base were among the key reasons why it chose Sunderland as its European production base for its luxury Infiniti range and all-electric Leaf car.

Via Financial Times