No GT 86 Hybrid, Toyota says image

Toyota will not be producing a hybrid version of the GT 86 sports car as there isn’t a market for such a model.

The GT 86 derivatives should have been providing at least a Turbo, a Convertible and a Hybrid by now but the Japanese based automaker likes the free marketing made by rumors and every once in a while it comes out and says “we are considering an ‘x’ version of the GT 86” only to come out months later and say “there isn’t a market for an ‘x’ version”. This is getting quite boring and the main idea is you should stick to your current GT 86 because Toyota will not be offering another version of it just like Subaru will stick to the standard BRZ and will not be developing an STI.

We will not be speculating on what engine a so-called “Toyota GT 86 Hybrid” will get, or talk about its improved chassis, brakes, suspension or interior because this will probably die in a few years in its current form just like the Supra did. Keep in mind that Toyota is promising a Supra successor for a couple of years now and this should come, according to the latest rumors, next year, but we bet that the company will come out from its hole and say “there isn’t a market for such a model”.