(Inautonews.com-GMM) Bernie Ecclestone has admitted he is not sure if Bahrain’s formula one race will be rescheduled in 2011.

Until now, the F1 chief executive has been bullish about the event in the troubled
island Kingdom, pushing recently for the rescheduling deadline to be extended to
early June.

He met this weekend in Turkey with Bahrain’s circuit chairman Zayed Rashed Al
Zayani, who reportedly said at Istanbul Park that Sakhir is now “ready” to host F1
after months of civil turmoil.

It’s difficult to say,” Ecclestone admitted on Saturday when asked about Bahrain’s
chances of being slotted into this year’s calendar.

“If they are happy to have the race, I am sure we are happy to be there,” he told
F1’s official website. “But we would need a guarantee that there won’t be problems.

“Right now I don’t know how anybody could guarantee that because it might be
peaceful now, but who knows in the future?”

Ecclestone was more confident about earthquake and nuclear crisis-affected Japan,
insisting the Suzuka race scheduled for October is “not at all” endangered.


  1. Bahrain government is committing serious human rights violations against it's majority Shiites and the brutal crackdown is still continuing. Around thirty protesters have been killed, over a thousand put in jail, and more have been fired from their jobs merely for protesting. Tanks are still on the streets, checkpoints block many areas, curfew applied to some areas, police midnight raids on houses are still going on. If for no other reason, at least for the safety of visitors the race has to be canceled.

  2. only human rights violations that happend were caused by people killing expats only because they cant defend themselves, please tell me why did they cut off two expats tongues out after beating the hell out of them? were they expressing their rights? all you want is to bring this country down , anybody could tell that from what u have just written just go to youtube search for the videos of beatings the policemen were taking….could have this happened in lets say hmmm… iran?! or syria or anywhere else? u have ashamed your country and dishounored your selves.

  3. After the King invited the Saudi army in, a major crackdown on the anti-government protesters began. The state launched a campaign of terror against its unarmed civilians. King's Son Nasser Bin Hamad called Bahrain state TV threatening to target everyone who called for the downfall of the regime and reward who stood by the royal family during the protests;(his call to BTV: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ioEkV_XWfNc&fe… And indeed they did; midnight raids to people's homes became a daily routine in Shiites villages during which people are terrorised,many are severly beaten before being detained like Abdulhadi Al Khawaja, a prominant human rights activist, homes vandalised and valuables stolen by masked policemen. People are living in great fear.worship places deliberately demolished, around one thousand detained merely for participating in the protests (of course the government is working on "cooking" accusations for them, we won't be surprised if they come on state TV confessing for crimes they didn't commit which happened in previous cases)Torture is widely practiced in Bahraini prisons; four have died in police custody so far whose bodies showed signs of torture. So Bahrain is NOT ready or safe to host the F1 event and I think it should be canceled.

  4. Please STOP lying to the world you are not oppressed, you are not poor, you practically own this damn country… STOP LYING!


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