No Other Countries Banned Mercedes Vehicles Due to Air-Conditioning Refrigerant image

Mercedes-Benz said that sales of its vehicles in the UK were not affected by the ban imposed by French officials on it’s A and B-Class, as well as SL models.

France refused to register Mercedes vehicles which used the banned air conditioning coolant even if the cars have been approved by the German officials. Since the beginning of this year automakers had to fit their vehicles with the R1234yf air-conditioning refrigerant, and phase out the R1234a refrigerant, considered a dangerous global warming agent.

Daimler and Mercedes have continued to use the banned refrigerant in its new vehicles, citing safety concerns. The automaker said that the results from its own crash tests, showed that the new coolant has the potential to ignite.

“The cars were re-tested to the same standard as all other cars,” said a Mercedes spokesperson “The cars do have valid EU-type approval and are legal to be registered, sold and driven.”

The EU has given Germany a deadline until September to comply with the new regulations, but Daimler said it will continue to use the R1234a until a safer alternative will hit the market. Besides France, no other country has banned Mercedes’ vehicles.

In a statement the European Commission said that “corrective measures shall be taken to bring the [non-conforming] vehicles in conformity, including the withdrawal of those non-conforming vehicles already sold on the market.”