Nokian Plant in Russia Ready for Production image

Nokian Tyres PLC declared that in June it will begin production at the new factory in Russia, despite recent work schedules adjustments at its home plant in Finland.

Nokian recently said it will lay off 120 workers at its factory in Finland, due to the fact that it plans to change the working plan of the tyre Nokia plant, near Tampere. The facility will work after a five-day full-time production schedule, in three shifts. The company will also invest 30 million euro to modernize this plant. Petri Sorvali, the company’s chief shop steward, declared that although the company had good results, the employees have lived in uncertainty for a long time. Moreover losing compensations for Sunday work and reducing working time will also mean a reduction of the employees by one-third of the current salary.

Nokian will begin production of tyres at its plant in Russia in June, and two other production lines will be opened in 2013 and 2014. After the launch of these lines, both plants in Russia will offer a total annual production of 17 million tyres. The current number of employees at the Nokia plant, in Finland is 550 and it will continue to manufacture tyres for the Nordic countries.