A non-working BMW i8 display car is currently looking for a new owner as the model in question is being offered for sale, for a price which can buy you a brand new compact car.

BMW enthusiasts from all over the globe who can’t afford the real BMW i8, we found you the next best thing, a non working display car which can be parked in your driveway and make your neighbors jealous. The model in question is currently offered for sale on eBay and it is basically a fiberglass shell on a rolling cart and it doesn’t have an interior design or a powertrain and its doors cannot be opened.

The good part is that the headlights can be turned on but the hugest steep will be its price, of course, which can buy you a compact vehicle – 19,100 USD, or the equivalent of 14,500 EUR or 11,500 GBP. If you are still convinced on buying this expensive BMW statue, than you should check out this eBay link and, who knows, make a bid or contact the owner, but before you do this, don’t forget to take your pills and ask your psychiatrist for his permission.


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