North American car production increases on Mexico surge image

Thanks to the numerous factories recently opened in Mexico, North American light-vehicle production in 2014 could reach the second best output level since records have been tallied.

According to preliminary figures sourced from the Automotive News Data Center, the full-year total for 2014 could reach a total of 17.24 million units for the United States, Mexico and Canada. The figure is roughly 7% better than the tally of 2013 and end-year figures might be just 53,000 light vehicles shy of the 2000 record of 17,297,498 autos. But fret not, because the NAFTA zone could still deliver a new record in 2015, with LMC Automotive – citing continued low fuel prices and better job opportunities fueling demand – forecasting the level would climb by 200,000 to 17.4 million units.

The United States and Canada reflect five straight years of sustainable growth, while Mexico is the absolute star because of its free-trade agreements that made the country a great export base for the global automakers. Over 49 weeks the average production rate has reached 352,000 autos. The best performers of the year are Nissan North America and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, with the first up 19% in production capacity and the latter another 16% – they alone hold a combined plus of almost 700,000 vehicles (the total is one million-plus).

Via Automotive News