Norway Had the Most Nissan Leafs Sold Per Capita in 2012 image

Last year Norway was the country to sell the most Nissan Leafs per capita, as the vehicle accounted for 1.7% of the total vehicle sales in the region.

Nissan Leaf was the 13th best-selling new vehicle in Norway last year with almost 2,298 vehicles registered, and the second best-selling vehicle in Trondheim, the second largest city after Oslo. The battery-powered EV went on sale in October 2011 and since then it sold more than 3,300 units in Norway, with only 599 units under the Qashqai.

One of the main reasons for this increase is that all Norway’s inhabitants have access to power provided by renewable energy. Norway is known as being one of the most environmentally aware countries in the world, as hydroelectric plants generate 99% of the region’s electricity. The government also offered incentives to boost sales of the EV, sold with no value added tax and no road tax.

EV drivers enjoy almost free toll roads, ferries and tunnels and they are allowed to use the bus lanes, reducing an one hour drive in a conventionally powered car to only 20 minutes. EV drivers also benefit from free parking and free charging access. Norway also has an extensive network of Quick Chargers, which allows drivers to recharge their vehicles to 80% in only 30 minutes.

“We, Norwegians live in a breathtakingly beautiful country and we are passionate in our desire to keep it beautiful. That’s one reason why electric vehicles in general – and Nissan LEAF in particular – have become so popular,” said Rune Haaland, president, EV Union.