The iconic off-road manufacturer has a habit of delivering concepts for traditional events such as the Easter Safari and 2017 is no different, with the company teasing April’s apparition of the Quicksand and Switchback concepts.

The annual Moab Easter Jeep Safari is just around the corner – ok, a few weeks from now – and the automaker and the FCA Mopar division have decided to tease two of what may be a wider range of concepts ready to hit the trail. We can start with the Switchback – while details are hard to spot, we can certainly understand it’s based on the iconic Wrangler. And just like any other Easter Jeep concept before, we can expect it to be tough as a rock. And come with numerous bespoke elements – such as open-air design, larger tires, and a roof rack, as far as we can tell.

The Quicksand is also built upon the Wrangler, and the stylized image shows us it will have powerful traits as well – open-air styling and bigger wheels and tires. The company hasn’t provided any technical details so we have no idea what performance enhancements have been attached to the pair. The 51st annual Easter Jeep Safari is scheduled to hit Moab, Utah, from April 8 to 16, 2017 – and as we already know Jeep very well, we’ll get the full scoop on these on possible other concepts way ahead of that.

Not one but two 2017 Jeep Easter Safari Concepts are coming 0


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