Jun.18 (GMM/Inautonews.com) Dietrich Mateschitz has dismissed reports his two F1 teams may soon be powered by Ferrari.

“There is nothing to it (the rumours),” the Austrian billionaire said on Thursday, as the world of formula one congregates at his ‘Red Bull Ring’ for the Austrian grand prix.

The speculation of a switch to Ferrari was powered by his right-hand man Dr Helmut Marko, who told Sport Bild that “Even a B-version of the Ferrari would be better than the A-version of the Renault”.

Red Bull and Toro Rosso team owner Mateschitz, however, said that until the end of the 2016 contracts, “There is no alternative to Renault”.

As for what happens beyond 2016, he insisted to Speed Week: “The chickens will cluck until the egg is laid.

“I cannot guess what will happen in two or three years in formula one, or even what goes on now. It is better not to make predictions in formula one,” Mateschitz added.

He doubts, however, that moving from works status with Renault to ‘customer’ status with Ferrari is the right answer.

“You could get an engine good enough to take points from your direct competitor,” said Mateschitz, “but it would never be good enough to beat the team that gives you that engine.

“With a customer engine,” he added, “you will never again be world champion. And if we see that we have no chances anymore, because we are also restricted in aerodynamics, we will simply lose interest.”

Until that happens, Renault is trying to improve its currently uncompetitive turbo V6 ‘power unit’, he said.

“We still hope,” Mateschitz said. “Hope dies last.”

What is clear, however, is that Red Bull will never be content with the sort of situation it is in at present.

But building a ‘Red Bull’ engine is not a real alternative, Mateschitz insisted.

“We are not an engine manufacturer,” he said. “Of course, one day we could build our own engine, if there was no reasonable alternative. But this would be contrary to common sense.

“Just because you find a horseshoe in the forest, it does not mean I will turn it into a horse.”