We’re used to seeing aftermarket specialist Novitec take Italian supercars for a spin in its workshop – but this time around they turned their attention on something else entirely.

The Tesla Model X is not only an SUV from America – so a far cry from the performance models of the Old Continent – but it’s also their first attempt to fiddle with an electric car. The zero-emissions SUV does have performance credentials that can easily be envied, so it’s also being equipped by Novitec with the clothes to match. The tuner opted for a stylish yet effective new aerodynamic body kit fitted with carbon fiber body parts that have been tested in the wind tunnel. Novitec is keeping the Model X style – a welcome change from the usual tuner love for exaggeration.

Novitec takes a green jab at the Tesla Model X 11

All aero body components can be kept clean, with glossy “naked” carbon look, or can be had in the same color as the rest of the body. Customers can still show off because they can have them in a contrasting shade – and there are numerous parts to speak about, from the front spoiler lip, rocker panels to the rear spoiler that can be had with two different designs. Of course wheels – of the “king-sized” 22-inch forged category coming from Vossen – are also part of the deal, and here customization goes off the chart with 72 different colors and optional polished or brushed appearance.


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