Nurburgring track gets slowed down image

The time has come to hit the brakes. Nurburgring, which is sort of the most famous racetrack among car lovers, is forcing its drivers to reduce the speed.

The owners of the track have implemented speed limits on certain parts of the 12.9-mile circuit after an unfortunate crash on the track which ended one spectator’s life took place in March this year. After a detailed examination, Nurburgring’s owners decided to make 16 changes to the circuit that will allow for an all-out race to take place at the beginning of 2016. The plan to change Nurburgring includes eliminating some of the spectators’ seats, building larger fences and repaving some parts of the track. Carsten Schumacher, Nurburgring’s managing director stated that “Safety on the Nordschleife during races, but also during test drives of the industry and during tourist ride sessions, is our highest priority. We responded to the accident by carrying out a detailed analysis of the situation and compiling targeted measures to further increase active and passive safety, and especially the safety of spectators along the Nordschleife.”

The Flugplatz corner of the track will be resurfaced as repaving may not eliminate the possibility of a car side slipping but it will reduce the probability of the high-speed flip that had happened causing the death of one spectator to take place again. Before the speed limit could be raised, the changes have to be approved by the German Motor Sport Association and the FIA. If this happens, that would mean that record-breaking runs would be in again, which would give the Koenigsegg One:1 to take a crack at breaking an existing record of 6:48 set in 2009 by a Radical SR8 LM edition driven by Michael Vergers.

By Gabriela Florea