Both automakers and suppliers – jointly known as original equipment manufacturers – are bridging the gap between the technology and automotive sectors, moving swiftly towards the era of connected and autonomous cars.

For example, today even technology companies want a piece of the automotive technology market, with companies that are known for other products becoming top players in the field. One such case is Nvidia Corporation, better known for its graphics processing cards and more recently for smartphone processors. An industry-leading graphics chips technology developer, Nvidia opted to present during the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas a new mobile processor and a computer for cars. The new chip, called Tegra X1 will be used in vehicles to power up anything as cars look set to become the most powerful computing device that people have in their life.

Nvidia, under the direction of Chief Executive Officer Jen-Hsun Huang, is currently branching out towards developing chips that handle information and entertainment systems in cars. The segment is not Nvidia’s to grab, as competitors such as Qualcomm and Intel Corp. are also introducing new products in 2015 at CES, the industry’s largest trade show. The company’s new Tegra X1 processor, accompanied by underlying software will enable automakers to fully customize in-car technologies ranging from the traditional navigation system to the instrument display cluster. According to analysts and industry experts, cars are ready to increase the count on screens and cameras, both of them asking for even more visual processing power.

Via Bloomberg


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