o Syria’s oil ports Banias and Tartous image

Syria no longer imports diesel for its heavy vehicles, because shipments from Russia and other countries have dried up over the past weeks.

Over the past four weeks not even a cargo of gasoil was delivered o Syria’s oil ports Banias and Tartous, compared to March when 9 cargoes were delivered, the last 2 arriving at the beginning of April. These deliveries came from Russia and Iran. Since the Cape Benat arrived on April 11th, no shipments were sent towards Syria.

Although Syria has two refineries, it still needs to import large amounts of gasoil, besides other fuels, to meet domestic demand for transport and heating. A Monaco-based shipper delivered the last cargo and said that the rough EU sanctions in March made the firm cut ties with Mahrukat, Syria’s distribution company. It is possible for non-EU firms to become intermediaries but until now no one is willing to take the possibility to step in.

It is not certain why Iranian shipments have stopped also, and Venezuela’s government declared that it has sent two shipments in February but none since then. The Western sanctions forbid EU and the U.S. to buy or do business with Syrian companies concerning imports of refined and crude products.