Oakley Design Announces Tuning Program for the 2012 Lamborghini LP760-4 Aventador image

A new tuning program for the 2012 Lamborghini LP700-4 Aventador has been announced by the Oakley Design.

Though just five cars of the Oakley Design LP760-2 will be produced, each car will receive a unique numbered plaque. Those who are looking forward to have it must rush now since three of them are already sold. Besides this Limited Edition model, one can even get the individual parts. It is for those who do not want the complete package.

With the combination of HRE, a new ultra-light, forged alloy wheel is being developed. Due to the increased width of the wheel, the car offers a wider footprint, giving the rear wheels an additional mechanical grip in ‘corsa’ mode. Where most of the owners will go for carbon fiber parts, re-mapped ECU and sports exhaust, on the other side, few hard-core clients may interest in a rear-drive which is the only option to save more weight by increasing the performance.

After the successful modifications of the Ferrari 458 Italia that boosted its power to 640bhp, and the Underground Racing twin-turbo F458 that produces 880bhp, the company feels that the Aventador will easily handle this amount of power. The Aventador is blessed with firm carbon monocoque and advanced suspension design.

The output of Lamborghini Aventador will be increased by 10% from 690bhp and 690Nm of torque. With this, an ECU re-map, intake feed pipe diameter, and a titanium exhaust system to save more than 30 kg are added. Oakley Design logo can be found on the angular cover that surrounds the four exhaust outlet pipes.




By Sunita Mandal