Obama’s Campaign Ad Hailing Auto Bailout Success image

President Barack Obama has taken the decision to run a TV ad in Michigan beginning Thursday, February 23rd, touting the revival of the U.S. auto industry and highlighting the opposition of GOP presidential candidates.

The half-minute-long spot is called “Made in America”, touts the revival of the American auto industry and takes shots at the Republican presidential candidates. The sharpest attack is centered on Mitt Romney, a Michigan native who famously opposed government loans to the troubled auto companies. Romney got the support from other Republican candidates and the subject has become a focal point of conversation during the race in Michigan.

Obama has been pointing to the rescue of GM and Chrysler as a success, noting the companies improved financial health, profits and sales growth. The ad is presenting Obama as a stalwart defender of the auto industry while his opponents gave up on it during tough times. It’s a message they will also home in on in Indiana and Ohio.

“Made in America. For generations of Michigan autoworkers it’s more than a slogan. It’s a way of life. But when a million jobs were on the line every Republican candidate turned their back,” sais the narrator in the ad.

Romney also directed an attack trough an article published in New York Times, with the title “Let Detroit Go bankrupt”, arguing for a managed bankruptcy and limited government spending on helping the companies survive.

“The Democrats have nothing else to talk about,” said state Attorney General Bill Schuette, Romney’s campaign chairman in Michigan. “The reason they’re doing this ad is because they know Romney’s going to win (the nomination).”

The ad says the auto industry “is back because of the grit and sacrifice of Michigan workers.” Since Mitt Romney, is a Michigan native who famously opposed government loans to the troubled auto companies, the elections might not go very well for him.

An NBC News poll released this week says the auto bailout remains popular in Michigan and is contributing to support for Obama in the state.