We all know that President Obama wants 1 million plug-in hybrids on the roads by 2015.

According to the latest reports, the Obama Administration proposal would give almost $200 million in federal grants to as many as 30 communities that advance electric vehicle use through fleet purchases, infrastructure investment and streamlined regulations.

“We’re not just creating new jobs, but sparking whole new industries that will ensure our competitiveness for decades to come — industries like electric vehicle manufacturing,” Biden said in a statement as he is visiting Ener1 Inc., a New York-based lithium ion battery producer.

“This would decrease our dependence on imported oil,” Energy Secretary Steven Chu said today at a news conference.

If this will pass over the congress, the budget would increase spending for vehicle technologies by 88 percent to $588 million beginning Oct. 1.
However, according to some studies, a panel of industry leaders said that automakers’ production plans are “currently insufficient” to meet the president’s goal.

The study also predicts that Nissan Motor Co. will sell 300,000 battery electric Nissan Leafs through 2015, including 25,000 this year.

via Autonews [sub req]


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