Obama to Visit Detroit Diesel, Daimler to Announce Investment image

Today, December 10th, when President Obama will visit a Daimler plant in Redford Township, the automaker will announce its investment of $100 million at the facility.

The money will be used to expand production, add new technology and new jobs to the US, according to a Daimler official. Detroit Diesel has currently 2,300 employees and manufactures four major engines, 12-speed transmissions and rear axles. According to a presidential statement made last week, President Obama’s address at the plant would be ‘an event on the economy.’

“Daimler Trucks North America will become the first heavy-duty vehicle manufacturer in North America to offer a fully integrated powertrain from one production facility,” the Daimler official said. “And by making all parts — the engine, axles and transmission — of a truck in the same place, Daimler engineers can design each part so that it works more effectively with the others.”

The President’s visit to Detroit comes during Lansing’s battle over right-to-work legislation and many expect Obama to put pressure on Republicans to agree to raise tax rates on wealthier Americans. Now opinions are divided among those who believe that the President will address the fiscal cliff and those who don’t.