October U.S. Auto Sales: Ford up 6 percent in October, 11 percent YTD image

Ford, the American automaker on Tuesday announced October auto sales – up 6 percent versus last year, while year-to-date sales were up 11 percent.

In October, Ford sold 167.803 vehicles – Ford brand utilities up 38 percent / trucks up 8 percent.
The Detroit based automaker is the best-selling brand of vehicles in the United States, with sales totaling 1,700,618, up 17 percent.

The Explorer model was one of the best –selling SUV in Ford’s line – with sales up 225 percent versus a year ago and 11,987 vehicles sold. In addition, the Escape model recorded an increase of 31 percent (19,046 vehicles).

Year-to-date Escape sales are up 31 percent at 206,896 vehicles – setting a record.

Fiesta sales were up 7 percent, with 4,124 vehicles sold, while Fusion sales saw an increase of 4 percent (18,094 vehicles sold).