October US Auto Sales: Volt 1,108 units, Nissan Leaf 849 electric vehicles image

Last month – October was a good month for the automotive industry, keeping passenger car and pickup sales on track to top 13 million this year. If the trend will continue, 2011 will be the best year since 2007.

GM’s Volt had its best-ever sales month in October, but it is increasingly unlikely the Detroit automaker will meet its 2011 sales targets.

In October, the company sold 1,108 Volts making it the best month ever for sales of the range-extended electric vehicle (723 last month).

Chevrolet has consistently said it will build 10,000 Volts for retail sale during 2011. But the Detroit based automaker past the 5,000 mark by only three cars until now.

However the automaker remains on track to expand Volt availability to 2,600 dealers in all 50 states by the end of the year.

Although Nissan had a leg up on the Volt due to the production halt, the Volt was the winner in October.

Across the pond, Japanese automaker Nissan reports that sales of the all-electric LEAF sunk to 849 units in the US in October 2011 (1,031 units in September). For the year, Nissan has sold 8,048 Leaf EVs.

That’s some 3,000-plus units above the Volt’s year-to-date mark, but still far away from achieving the 20.000 mark target for 2011.