The performance of the Golf series is undisputed, ever since the first GTI was presented way back in 1974 – but of course there’s always room for improvements.

This is where aftermarket specialist Oettinger comes into play – essentially working up a dose of steroids on the GTI, GTD and R athletes. The tuner is a serious specialist when it comes to the Volkswagen brand models and has numerous upgrade packages tailored to a large number of models from the group, including the high performance Golfs. For the latter the specialist has devised a new body kit – which can be fitted to the GTI or the diesel-enabled GTD. In addition, the all wheel drive hardcore R version can also get the new “suit” – and best of all these kits are available at VW retailers. Oettinger is an adept of less is more, so the changes are on the subtle level – for example the new front spoiler gets a special splitter. The tuner also says all elements have been developed to also enhance aerodynamics.


In addition, the full body kit has been tested and optimized in the wind tunnel to ensure VW’s official approval. The design is completed with muscular side skirts and a little more work done at the rear where the GTI and GTD display quad exhaust tips and a new diffuser. The R also gets its own bespoke exhaust system with a new muffler and also valve control – while the styling is completed with a new roof-mounted rear spoiler featuring open flaps. The kits are also available in England, where they cost £3,995 for the Golf GTI & GTD and £5,225 for the Golf R compatible.


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