The Dark Knight is getting ready for a new adventure on the big screen alongside his friends from the superhero world in the first installment of the Justice League, but you can actually get a collector’s item from a different era.

The Batmobile has been envisioned in numerous forms throughout the years, but one of the most special iterations has to be the original machine used for the 1966 television series. And now the spirit of Adam West lives on because you get the chance to own an official recreation of the car, though you’ll need serious geek levels to own and spend $250,000 for Batmobile replica number 005, which is actually approved by the Hollywood movie car guru George Barris. The story goes that for the TV series Barris used the Lincoln Futura concept car as his base for the first Batmobile – and it also created four replicas for promotional duties.

Official Batmobile replica honors George Barris and the inner fan 2

A Batman fan named Jim Sermersheim also wanted his own Batmobile, and based it on a 1958 Ford Thunderbird chassis – and while the project is a massive endeavor, his attention-to-detail was no less than extraordinary. When Barris found about it he wasn’t all that pleased about the unlicensed product – but when he bought it he actually decided to officially approve it as a genuine Barris Batmobile replica, becoming number 005. Power comes not from the jet engine at the back but a period-correct 352 cubic-inch V8 – and can even be driven if you want to dress as the superhero.

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