Official design sketches tease 2014 Audi A8 image

Prior to its official online debut, Audi has released today several design sketches with the 2014 A8 facelift – just to keep us waiting and wanting more.

Just a mid-life refresh to a rather good but uninspiring flagship, the A8 facelift will not bring too much hype on a design level (no Audi does these days, facelifted or new), but rather show us the technology prowess of the Ingolstadt company. Still, on a visual level this facelifted A8 will come with slightly modified front and rear bumpers, together with an updated front grille and redesigned exhaust finishers.

The real highlight (pun intended) on the evolutionary new A8 will be the introduction of matrix LED headlights – 25 individual diodes which promise to deliver the optimal amount of light regardless of road conditions and even keeping the high beam on all the time and just switching off some of the “bulbs” when cross traffic occurs.

In addition, the A8 will come with redesigned sequentially illuminated turn signals consisting of 18 LED’s in the headlights and 24 LED’s in the taillights. After the official but only virtual unveiling on August 21st, the new A8 will be shown to the public at the IAA Frankfurt Motor Show.