Official Porsche 911 video released image

Porsche is giving its fans a glimpse of the new 911 generation by releasing an official video less than two weeks from the Frankfurt Motor Show unveiling of supercar.

The newest 911, also known as the 911, has many upgrades over the previous generation, but the most interesting one comes with its engine which has been downsized from the 3.8 liter to the 3.4 liter flat six, delivering 350 horsepower and 50 more in the Carrera S, accelerating from 0 to 100 km/h in just 4.1 seconds with the new Porsche automatic transmission and launch control.

The automaker’s engineers have also improved the fuel consumption and the CO2 emissions while the designers added 100 mm to the wheelbase and lowered the body, with a massive 100 pounds weight reduction compared to the old version.

The 911 Carrera has been priced at $91.041 while the Carrera S costs $107.796, but the first deliveries can be expected early next year.

You can watch the new Porsche 911 official video below. Enjoy!