Official – VW will build smaller Alltrack for US market only image

In a discussion with Inautonews, a Volkswagen official has confirmed the development of a smaller Alltrack version for North America, based on the seventh generation Golf/Jetta SportWagon.

The big SUV trend is almost out, as the customers tend to relate more with smaller, more compact and accessible automobiles, including the 4×4 variety. This is very obvious trend in Europe, with very small SUV’s like Nissan Juke, Opel Mokka or Chevy Trax making headlights in the sales charts.

But, most important, this tendency can now be seen even in the usually big truck market of U.S., where conscious minded customers begin to spread the need to buy smaller cars to the masses. This is how we come to the new line of VW cars, where SUV’s and multi-valent models tend to be featured prominently nowadays.

This time around we’re not going to give you any news on the compact SUV Taigun, but rather talk about a relative of the European Passat Alltrack. VW is going to build such a version for the American market as well, but this time it will be smaller and based on the platform provided by the seventh generation Golf/Jetta SportWagon.

“We do have a Passat Alltrack (elevated Station Wagon with 4Motion called Variant) in Europe and consider a smaller Alltrack based on Jetta SportWagon with 4Motion and special body kit for North America, but based on the seventh generation Golf Wagon/Jetta SportWagon” said Christian Buhlmann, Brand Product Communication Volkswagen Americas.

Still, for the time being there is no word on the moment we might expect this new version to become available on the US market.