REPORT: Oil Should Be Around $10 a Barrel image

The price of a barrel of oil would be closer to $10 if the commodity wasn’t traded as an investment instrument, given the record-high levels of U.S. oil inventories, Peter Beutel, president of Cameron Hanover, told CNBC Monday.
Peter Beutel: “I honestly think that if there were no investors using oil as an asset that the price of oil right now would be $10 or $15 or $18, but it wouldn’t be anywhere near where it is”

“We have so much oil right now, more than we’ve had in 27 years. Why is it 27 years? Because that’s how far our records go back. It’s probably the most in 50 or 100 years,” he added.

Well ??? How’ that ? We pay around 2.7$ / gallon at this moment while the price of barrel is ~ 70$. If oil would be around 10$ then the price for one gallon should be ~ 0.4$ !

via CNBC

  • kasia

    This is interesting since we seem to have reached Global Peak Oil. Where are the oil reserves that would provide this super cheap oil?