The fire near Luther burned dozens of homes and forced evacuations Friday.

The following highways and roads are closed:
– SH-33 between SH-48 to SH-66. This is from the Turner Turnpike extending west 11 miles.
– SH-51 between SH-99 to SH-151. This is from near the Keystone Dam extending west 18 miles.
– SH-48 between US-64 to SH-66. This is from just north of Bristow to the Cimarron Turnpike.
– SH-9 east of Norman

Fueled by searing temperatures and whipped by high winds, the fires forced hundreds of people to flee and had burned dozens of homes by late Friday. Oklahoma and other Midwestern states are suffering from one of the worst droughts in recent memory.

At mid-afternoon Friday, the temperature in Norman hit 113 degrees, and winds were gusting at 24 mph. “I can tell you the temperatures and the wind are not helping the situation at all,” said Meghan McCormick, a spokeswoman for the Cleveland County Sheriff’s office.

Oklahoma Forestry Services spokeswoman Michelle Finch-Walker said the number of wildfires this year is shaping up to be among the worst in state history.


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