Cars on U.S. roads are older than ever, with the average age of vehicles reaching 11 years.

According to the American Automobile Association (AAA), many of these old cars aren’t getting the care they need from their owners. About a quarter of drivers questioned by the AAA said they neglected maintenance and repairs in the prior 12 months to save money. Since older cars are no longer under warranty, owners have to pay for more repairs out of their own pockets. Maintenance costs are increasingly important because they make up a significant portion of the average car owner’s budget. This is why finding a trustworthy mechanic is a very important thing.

“This is actually becoming a much bigger deal more quickly than people understand,” Art Shaw, CEO of RepairPal in Emeryville, California was quoted as saying by the Detroit Free Press. He advises drivers that asking the right questions before choosing a repair shop is essential, whether it’s about replacing a headlight, a battery or more important parts.

One basic tip is to get recommendations for mechanics from co-workers, friends and family. Once you have a list of repair shops, you can check the Better Business Bureau database for any history of complaints.


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