Old Volvo XC90 Taken by Geely image

Volvo will replace the old 2002 XC90 model with a redesigned model in 2014, but the platform will b taken by Geely to launch a new high-end brand for China.

Volvo’s new XC90 will hit the market in 2014, meanwhile Geely taking the P2 platform on which the old XC90 is based. The companies did not declare whether the old generation XC90 will be re-badged or if Geely will use the platform for a new design. The platform was used by Ford and Volvo to produce models such as the Taurus, Explorer, Flex, Lincoln MKS and MKT.

Geely launched its first ever SUV called the GLEagle GX7 at the recent Beijing Show. The model features a 4G18 1.8-litre and a 4G20 2.0-litre engine.

Although Volvo has a clear potential in the SUV sector, rivals such as BMW and Mercedes left Volvo with slumping sales after introducing the refined and practical X5 and ML ranges. But now Volvo is on its way to come back hard with the new XC90, a car that combines MPV practicality, car-like dynamics, safety and tough off-road capability.