London’s 28,000 bus drivers have won a £577 Olympic bonus in recognition of ‘massive increase’ in workload over Games, following strike last month.

Thousands of bus workers went on strike last month and were threatening further walkouts.
In workplace ballots held on Tuesday, 71% voted to accept the offer.

The bonus offered by 20 bus firms will give workers an extra £27.50 each time they complete a duty over the 29 days. The average number of duties workers will complete will be 21, meaning most workers will get a £577 award.

Peter Kavanagh, Unite’s regional secretary for London, said: ‘After almost a year-long campaign, bus workers finally have a fair deal which recognises their contribution to keeping London moving over the Olympics.

But he added that the network had been needlessly locked down by a 24-hour strike due to the reluctance of bosses to meet for talks.
It “could have been avoided if Transport for London and the employers did the right thing when Unite first approached them almost a year ago,” he said.


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