Olympics: London car parks up 40pct, blames extra staffing costs image

Car parking behemoth NCP is increasing the prices at 38 of its 104 London car parks in Central London for the duration of the games.

This includes a car park in Victoria which is bumping up its charges 40% to £60 a day, and a car park near Earl’s Court which is ramping up charges from £22 to £45 a day. The charges are already in operation.

Some of the increases are more modest, such as a car park in Regents Park charging £40 instead of £35.

“To allow for the operations of the car parks to continue under this pressure, we have had to invest in additional frontline colleagues who have been recruited and fully trained prior to the Olympics, so that they are ready to work for the duration of the games and provide our car parks with skilled staff both day and night which will help make them a safer environment for customers during this period.” the company said.

NCP head of operations Ben Heath said the company had invested £2.5million in preparing for the games period.

“Our locations are prime locations and I’d expect a greater increase in demand. Customers don’t like queues, they don’t want inconvenience, they want things hassle-free.”