On board VIDEO catches Aston Martin Rapide crash image

A surfboard designer named Roberto Ricci was apparently testing an Aston Martin Rapide while his friend was filming him and ended up crashing the supercar after he deactivated the ESP and carried too much speed into the corner after he pushed the brake pedal too late.

We always said that wherever there will be exotic cars there will always be exotic car crashes and even if most of the time the vehicles apparently burst into flames for unknown reasons or decide to kill their drivers because they don’t their faces, in this scenario we find a best example of man versus machine where both of them loose: one loses his money, over 200.000 USD, and the other ends up in a pile of metal.

Usually supercars that crash aren’t caught by cameras but this one is an exception and the passenger managed to film throughout the whole accident and even after that, catching the reaction of Roberto Ricci, which is actually kind of scary for any normal man.

You can watch the video below and you can enjoy it! The driver did!