‘One Direction’ Harry Styles Buys a Porsche Cayman S for His Birthday image

The One Direction star Harry Styles has bought a new Porsche for his birthday and one for his father.

Harry Styles turned 19 on February 1st and chose to celebrate his anniversary by buying a £100,000 red Porsche Cayman S, currently being customized according to his preferences. The singer bought the Cayman S after he test drove the Porsche Carrera he bought for his father, Des. Falling in love with this sports vehicle, Harry decided to buy one for himself too.

“Harry is besotted by cars and loves the Porsche brand after test driving a few. He has bought a £100,000 Carrera from a car dealer near his dad’s home in Sale, Manchester. It is black with tinted black windows, Harry said it was a present for his dad. Harry also ordered a brand new factory made red Cayman S for himself,” said an anonymous source.

Harry requested to have installed in his new car a telephone, feature heated seats and a six speaker Bose surround sound. Besides the new Porsche, Harry also takes pride in his Range Rover Sport, purchased in 2012, and a £100,000 Audi R8.