One Ford strategy doesn’t include mergers, says CEO Fields image

Ford, the second largest US automaker, has no desire to partner with industry consolidation promoter Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, said chief executive officer Mark Fields.

The top executive was present on location for the annual “Further With Ford” conference, where Fields responded to questions from reporters saying that just like its larger rival General Motors, Ford has no interest in any sort of merger with the competitors. The automaker will instead focus on its plan laid out by the “One Ford” strategy the carmaker established after the financial crisis of almost a decade ago. “We have no interest or plan other than accelerating the One Ford Plan; delivering product excellence and driving innovation in every part of our business,” Fields said. “We are never going to take our eye off of being a great developer of cars, trucks and utility vehicles.” FCA leader Sergio Marchionne has been preaching to its executive peers the idea of a tie-up, though he most notably mentioned General Motors. He feels the auto industry needs further consolidation to reign in the increasing costs of new technologies, which could lead to the demise of several companies as they duplicate each other’s efforts.

Fields added that while partnerships are not in view for the company, it’s constantly reviewing its overall business model. “It’s very important for us to open up that lens on how we look at the business. We want to lead,” he added. The company recently announced the Ford Smart Mobility plan designed to introduce a new level of connectivity, mobility and ultimately lead to autonomous vehicles. They are also focusing their efforts on innovation, technology expansion, the customer experience and big data.