One million$ Audi A8 Security goes to Israel image

Israel has ordered a 1 million dollar version Audi A8 Security for the Prime Minister.

The new Audi A8 Security is reportedly based on the 2011 Audi A8 (likely the long-wheelbase version) with the 450-horsepower, 6-liter W-12 engine, Quattro all-wheel drive, B6+ and B7 ballistic protection, run-flat tires, an independent oxygen supply for the cabin, a fire-suppression system, explosive charges to free the doors in case of shockwaves, a DVD entertainment system, drinks fridge and humidor (Netanyahu’s a known cigar aficionado).

According to the reports, this hardcore Audi A8 Security edition is priced at about $700,000 (US) and that’s not including taxes.
B6+ / B7 Armoring details:


  • johnny roberts

    the brand is more suitable but it IS the newest and most advanced luxury sedan CURRENTLY until the 2013 s class:) oh ya and the audi comes with a footrest and lets the right back passenger enjoy a ride like a first class flight. sorta like a maybach but for half price… it is for the prime minister of ISREAL