One million cars sold by Mercedes-Benz through June image

Daimler’s premium division closed the first half of the year with a double-digit growth, selling more than one million vehicles worldwide so far.

Mercedes-Benz’s sales momentum seems to keep going, ending the first half of 2016 in full force with 1,006,619 vehicles sold worldwide, up 12.1 percent compared to the same period a year earlier. The achievement was also due to another strong month, as June brought another double-digit growth to the three-pointed star brand. Last month, 188,444 were delivered to customers, up 11.1 percent and the 40th month of upward pace. The automaker’s push into SUVs paid off and one third of all Mercedes-Benz passenger cars sold were in that segment. Furthermore, the SUV offensive will likely hit another record level in the coming months, as the new GLC Coup has started to drive off the assembly lines in Bremen. The demand for the brand’s SUVs jumped 43 percent last month and 46 percent in the first half of the year.

Region-wise, sales in Europe increased through June by 13.3 percent to 444,581 units, while China, the biggest market for Mercedes-Benz, returned a 33.1 percent jump in delivers, up to 444,581 units. However, numbers were not so impressive on the mature premium market of the US, where, despite the new record of 28,473 units last month, the result so far this is below par by 1.5 percent to 162,777 vehicles.