The high demand for Volkswagen’s DGS transmissions pushed Skoda’s Vrchlabi plant in the Czech Republic to build 1 million gearboxes in just over 3 years.

Volkswagen’s DQ200 dual-clutch transmission is quite an important unit for the Group’s models and the capacity production is rising each year at Skoda’s Vrchlabi plant in the Czech Republic. The factory has just built the millionth DQ 200 dual-clutch gearbox since production began in 2012, a system that is widely spread throughout Skoda’s cars, as well as in all models produced by the biggest European automaker.

Vrchlabi was transformed from a vehicle-manufacturing plant to a component-production site three years ago. To build its DQ200 units, Volkswagen made a 245-million-euro investment (around 272 million dollars) into reconstructing the production halls, acquiring technical equipment, building the Training Centre for gear production and logistics, completing the makeover within 18 months. The facility, which employees around 1,000 staff, has started with a capacity of 1,000 transmissions per day, rising to 1,500 units every day by the end of 2013 and with around 1,700 units daily in 2015. Further output growth is expected in 2016, with a plan to speed up to 2,000 DSG gearboxes.

In addition to the dual-clutch systems at Vrchlabi, the transmissions MQ 200 and MQ/SQ 100 are also running off the production lines at the main factory in Mlada Boleslav. To date, more than seven million of them have been produced there, around six million MQ 200 transmissions and more than one million MQ-100. Vrchlabi is the smallest of Skoda’s three production plants in the Czech Republic. The factory was incorporated into the Mlada Boleslav automobile factory in 1946, when the mass production of cars started.


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