One millionth RNS 510 infotainment system delivered to VW image

Continental has delivered the one millionth unit of the radio navigation system RNS 510 to Volkswagen, the German auto parts supplier announced.

The RNS 510 radio navigation system now has voice-controlled functions and is available with new country specific models for China, Japan and North America. Continental also produces the more advanced RNS 810 model that equips the Volkswagen Phaeton. The latter features Google Earth navigation and map data received directly from the internet and is manufactured at the Continental plant in Brandys, the Czech Republic.

„With production of more than one million RNS 510s, the joint development of Volkswagen and Continental clearly demonstrates that our tried and tested RNS 510 and RNS 810 models are the right answers for the ever rising demand on easy to use infotainment systems – and are still right up to date even after four years of production,” said Kieran O’Sullivan, Continental head of infotainment and connectivity. He added that navigation and infotainment devices are now familiar features in modern cars.

Continental claims the new system understands the Chinese and Japanese languages, as well as the most common European languages. Originally destined for the upmarket luxury class, Continental’s navigation and infotainment systems are now available for all vehicle classes.