One-off Ferrari SP FFX shown image

The first image with a one-off Ferrari, which has been named the SP FFX, has recently hit the web, showing the model for the very first time.

Do you remember the Ferrari SP12 EC, made especially for famous guitarist Eric Clapton? Well, that model used to be based on the 458 Italia and it was officially unveiled last year, but this new one is based on the California and it’s wearing the SP FFX name. Ferrari’s newest creation seems to be part of a weird strategy, or a simple coincidence, in which the Italian based automaker is unveiling a one-off supercar every year.

The model in question seems indeed to be based on the California, but if we should take it by its name, than it’s definitely a one-off version of the company’s first ever four-wheel drive vehicle, the FF. the SP FFX name hasn’t been officially confirmed yet but the carmaker has trademarked it back in October, when the original image, previewing the model posted above, has made its way onto the web. Unfortunately we have no more details on this one-off Ferrari SP FFX for the moment and we have to wait for the company to officially pull the wraps off its body in order to announce more.