One-off Ford Mustang made for Edsel B. Ford II shown image

Ford has recently released some images with a one-off version of the Mustang, which has been specially created for Edsel B. Ford II, for his 16th birthday.

One of the best classic Ford Mustangs ever made was a one-off version which the North American based automaker has created especially for Edsel B. Ford II. According to the car manufacturer, the car pictured below has been made for his 16th birthday, but it was sadly turned into a pile of metal four years later, when a friend has borrowed it.

“I came downstairs that Christmas morning with my sisters, and my father indicated I should take a look outside. This amazing Mustang was sitting in the driveway, and I immediately grabbed my coat and shoes and went outside to check it out”, said the Ford Motor Company director, Edsel Ford.

The Ford Mustang in question has been finished in a pearlescent white with blue racing stripes and it has received fender mounted rearview mirrors, a bespoke fuel filler cap with the EBF II initials on it, a functional hood scoop, a bespoke cabin with aluminum trim and blue leather, amongst others. Power was being provided by a “289-cubic-inch V8”, as Edsel Ford is saying.