OnStar Chose Network Provider image

Madrid-based Telefónica Digital and Telefónica Multinational Solutions will be OnStar’s providers for mobile-to-mobile connectivity, to support the company in its future expansion to markets outside the United States, Canada and China.

Telefónica will offer key services through its extensive international GSM mobile standard network and its M2M automotive expertise, such as Automatic Crash Notification, Emergency Services, Turn-by-Turn Navigation, Diagnostics, Remote Mobile connectivity and more.

The one who enables OnStar’s connected mobility solutions is Advanced Telematics Operating Management System (ATOMS), which is the most-powerful automotive cloud platform in the market today, connecting to more than 6 million OnStar customers globally.

“Earlier this year we announced that OnStar is growing its global footprint,” said Jon Hyde, director of OnStar Global Expansion. “This partnership is one of the vital first steps in that process. Telefónica’s expertise in the global mobility market will help ensure our mutual success as we move forward.”

The length of the initial agreement was not disclosed, but what it is known is the fact that it focuses on providing the development and creation of future offerings between the two companies.