Apple has Siri, Google has the Google Assistant, Amazon has Alexa – and now GM has the OnStar Go service to serve as its own AI-based automotive personal assistant.

With the connected car segment gaining traction, automakers try to stay at the forefront of the fight for profit from knowing as much, if not more, about your life than even your smartphone, or possibly even friends. General Motors has jumped on the bandwagon with its new OnStar Go system developed in partnership with IBM. The new service, put simply, marries GM’s existing OnStar services with IBM Watson artificial intelligence software to deliver relevant products and services directly to drivers. Watson will use the data gathered by OnStar to learn about a drievr’s habits and personal preferences – with third-party companies providing location-based information and services.

Among the first to take advantage of the new service are brands such as ExxonMobil, Glympse, iHeartRadio, Mastercard, and Parkopedia. For example when low on fuel the system will find the closest Exxon or Mobil filling station, then you pay with your Mastercard from the car while allowing iHeartRadio to find the best local radio station and Parkopedia make sure you get to park your car safely once you arrive at the destination. The system will be introduced early 2017 in about two million 4G-enabled GM vehicles.




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