OnStar Mobile App is now OnStar RemoteLink image

General Motors on Saturday said that OnStar is renaming the OnStar MyLink mobile app to OnStar RemoteLink. The name change will appear in the Android and iPhone marketplace from today.

The 130, 000 current users of the app will receive a notification on their Smartphone.

Launched last fall in the U.S. and coming to Canada on Monday, this clean and simple app allows GM owners to use OnStar to interact with their vehicles from any location with a cell phone signal.

Currently, only 2011 models of select Cadillac, Chevy, Buick, and GMC automobiles are compatible so if you have any of these cars you’ll want to download this companion app.

• Features to view and control through the app are the following:
• Door Locks
• Remote Start
• Horn
• Lights
• Remaining Oil, Fuel and Range available
• Fuel Mileage
• vehicle status check
• OnStar Assistance