OnStar now available for non-GM cars image

General Motors’ OnStar service, a longtime leader in car-safety with its army of live on-demand advisers, is now available in the form of an aftermarket rear-view mirror called OnStar For My Vehicle that can be installed in almost any car.

Launching July 24, OnStar FMV will be available for $299.99, plus $75 for installation. Service plans for OnStar FMV will start at $18.95 a month, or $199 a year.

After OnStar made the announcement about OnStar FMV at the Consumer Electronics Show in January, thousands of people signed up to be notified when the product goes on sale.
The wait is over.

According to Linda Marshall, OnStar’s president,

“Now, through Best Buy, they can enhance their Fords, Toyotas, Chryslers and other brands with the power of OnStar.”

Automatic Crash Response, triggered by an accelerometer in the OnStar FMV mirror, connects the vehicle to a trained OnStar emergency advisor in the event of a crash.

The advisor can provide the exact location of the crash to emergency responders using the mirror’s GPS location, even if the vehicle’s occupants are unable to respond.

More, Turn-by-Turn navigation, OnStar’s most-popular service, is accessible with a press of OnStar’s blue button.