OnStar Plans to Expand in Mexico image

OnStar plans to expand in Mexico in 2013, and reach other markets in the near future.

After GM introduced OnStar in China in 2009, the company now plans to expand the in-car communication service in Mexico from 2013 and reach other markets in the following years. Although GM and OnStar had some misunderstandings in the past that made some features unavailable now, such as Bluetooth, the two companies are decided to work together and improve the in-car communication system.

GM announced that RelayRides, a car sharing company, will join the alliance as the first third-party developer to integrate with OnStar’s application program interface. This means that OnStar customers can rent out their cars using RelayRide’s application. According to OnStar’s new leader, Mary Chan, allowing other companies to join and add new services to the company’s application interface is similar to how other companies are creating applications for smartphones.

“Apple built a great product,” she said of Apple Inc. (AAPL)’s iPhone. “It also built a great platform to innovate. That’s an opportunity that we have inside the auto industry. There are a lot of services and innovations that we have not seen in this environment until we have a platform,” she said.