ONYX 635hp RANGE ROVERS 2010 image

The Irish tuner Onyx comes today with two new modification kits for the 2010 Range Rover. The Platinum V and Platinum S packages offer complete makeovers, as they target both the styling and technical “fields”.

The 3.6 V8 turbo engine can now provide up to 30% more power, 347 hp (259 kW / 352 PS), while the 5.0-liter supercharged petrol V8 engine adds a 26 percent power increase, allowing the engine to deliver 644 hp.


The inside of the vehicle has had its no less than stunning makeover with buffalo hide perforated leather in the most striking colours and designs available on the marketplace today. Only the finest hides are blended together in a seamless and perfect balance to bring your senses to life.


Outside, Onyx adds new front and rear bumpers, a new set of modified spoilers and new fender flares. The kit uses carbon fiber reinforced plastic for the front grille, side vents and rear diffuser.

Pricing for the Onyx Platinum S and Platinum V packages have not yet been revealed.