Onyx Concept has recently announced plans to offer the Porsche Panamera Onyx GST Edition, which should come in two stages.

According to the company, the Stage One body kit will add features like the new front bumper, the revised side skirts, the extended wheel arches, the new rear bumper, the rear spoiler, the carbon fiber diffuser, the custom exhaust tips and the new daytime running lights. Onyx Concept says that the Porsche Panamera Onyx GST Edition Stage One body kit will cost 12,999 euros (16,999 USD / 11,599 GBP).

“This year has been very good so far with our current model line up,we noticed a significant injection of business half way thru the year with the Evoque Onyx Rogue edition , we are delighted to now be looking at new horizons with our Porsche products which we feel will breathe a breath of fresh air into this sector”, says the Onyx Concepts CEO, Trevor Musgrave.

The Stage Two package will add front fender vents, a ventilated SuperSport hood, a roof mounted fin and some carbon fiber mirror caps. Additional features like the bespoke paintjob, the carbon fiber trim, the leather interior, 22-inch rims and more can also be ordered by future customers. Engine upgrades are planned too, where the Panamera Diesel will produce 350 BHP and the Panamera Turbo will develop 620 HP.


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