One of the most stunning and shocking information provided by the automotive industry analysts at Vincentric suggests that numerous automotive buyers have paid overprices while buying the vehicles as their sticker prices were quite higher than the real prices. It sounds that the dealers have made so many auto buyers “fool” and so many have achieved the pleasure of becoming so. The inventory of Vincentric is updated every month regarding to market place inventory demands, rebates and incentives. This inventory makes sure that approximately what price the buyer should actually pay for the vehicles. Approximately 150 vehicles were listed in such blacklist where the prices were overpriced for more than 15 percent.

Forbes also has published a list of vehicles that have hit the pockets of the buyers with overload. This list is longer and is increasing the sorrows of the auto buyers. Even the 2010 customer satisfaction information and Consumer Reports have added these vehicles in the list and have expressed their concern to this issue when the buyers are paying embarrassingly higher than what they should.

The top three vehicles that are topping this list are Ford F 250 which is worth for paying almost 25 percent lesser than the sticker price of $25,300, The Nissan Titan which is also competing the earlier one with 23.6 percent and the third ranker Chevrolet Silverado which is being charged 23 percent more than what it should be.

Apart from the pricing issue, these trucks are having nice satisfaction to the customers and users. They are having better performance also. Especially, the Titan and Silverado are among the most preferred ones. The only thing that is pinching and paining is that they could have bought at quite lower prices than their current MRP. If we scrutinize the reports of Forbes, one thing is quite revealing that the SUVs and the Pickup trucks is the most overpriced segment of automotive industries. The reason behind all these stuffs could be the volatile fuel prices and to get the benefits of trend of buying the trucks recently with lowering impact of Recession.


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