Opel: 20,000 orders received for the Adam city car image

Opel has received a total of 20, 000 orders for the brand new Adam City car, ever since the order books have been opened in October, 2012.

According to the German based automaker, 20,000 orders have been received for the brand new Adam city car ever since the order books have opened in October 2012 and until the model’s arrival on the market in mid-January. Opel says that the Adam can be yours with 61,000 exterior combinations and 82,000 interior combinations. The model is going on sale against models like the popular Fiat 500 and in the United Kingdom, prices for the Adam start at just over 11,000 GBP.

As a quick reminder, the Opel Adam has been officially presented to the public in a premiere back in 2012, during the Paris Motor Show. The model is coming with three petrol efficient engines, the 1.2 liter with 70 HP, the 1.4 liter with 87 HP and the 1.4 liter with 100 HP, mated to a five-speed manual transmission. All units will get the ecoFLEX technology package and the start/stop system which is helping cut down CO2 emissions and improve fuel consumption. The Opel Adam will eventually receive a whole new engine lineup specially made for it, with turbochargers and direct injections, mate to new six-speed manual transmissions.

Source: Opel