Opel Adam Black Jack edition is getting a yellow Jack image

The German automaker is certainly aiming to rival with the equally small Fiat 500 in terms of personalization options, fighting the retro aura of the Italian competitor with a flurry of limited edition models.

We can call them by name – Adam Rocks, Adam Rocks S, Adam Unlimited, Adam Black and White, Adam Rocks Unlimited, and the latest addition, Adam Black Jack. These special editions aren’t actually groundbreaking, mostly serving as a reminder to potential buyers that Opel has gone through great lengths in order to deliver a fully customizable city dweller. The newest posh member of the family comes with a wide array of black accents, with the roof, side mirror caps, and the hood accented in Onyx Black. The Rüsselsheim-based brand is also keen to announce this is the first time the hood can adopt a different color than of the rest of the main body.

Opel ADAM Black Jack

Of course some of the versions we already talked about are actually also getting some of the options seen here, so when selecting one of these cute city cars – the Adam, Mini, DS3 or 500 – you actually need nerves of steel to navigate all the possible options and find the one that best suits your taste. The Adam gas been around since 2013 and we’re looking at the retirement sometime before the end of the decade – though it remains to be seen if the new patrons will call for another generation or just give the retirement ticket.